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Top 5 Tuesday: The best Mike Francesa callers of 2015

We ranked the 10 best callers from New York sports talk radio host/cult hero Mike Francesa’s show.

The year is coming to a close, which means it’s end-of-the-year listicle season.

New York sports talk radio host/cult hero Mike Francesa has an incredible amount of head-scratching and unintentionally hilarious callers each day. So many, in fact, that we had to extend our normal five-item countdown to 10.

Whether it was scorching hot takes, strange questions, or unfounded claims, Francesa’s callers proved once again this year that they are unlike any other humans on the face of the earth. Not to be outdone, Francesa’s incredibly critical responses brought out the absolute best in these sports fans. 

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Below are the 10 best from the past calendar year. Enjoy.

10. Mets fan asks what would happen if it rains during a playoff game

9. Caller asks if MetLife Stadium should get a roof

8. Caller asks if Rob Manfred will move World Series to nine games

7. “The 18 horse, from Synecdoche”

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6. Caller asks if baseball team could finish 162–0

5. Caller blames racist media for Deflategate coverage


4. Caller doesn’t know Vince Lombardi is dead

3. Caller asks if NY and SF Giants ever have dinner together

2. Will, the crying Mets fan


1. Mike Vaccaro column-reader

Deflategate bonus edition

A special thanks to listeners Chris Poulos and RN’s Funhouse for their dedicated recording of Mike Francesa’s storied history.