Report: UFC star Conor McGregor offered a role in xXx sequel

UFC star Conor McGregor has reportedly been offered a role in the xXx sequel.
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UFC star Conor McGregor has been offered a part in the latest xXx movie, reports FOX Sports.

McGregor is #hot right now after his quick knockout of José Aldo made him the UFC featherweight champion. Vin Diesel, who starred in the original xXx movie, teased McGregor’s involvement in the project, which will feature the return of Diesel’s Xander Cage character.

Diesel, of course, has a history of working with MMA stars. A pre-kick-to-the-face Ronda Rousey had a bit part in Furious 7, although it sounds like McGregor’s part in xXx could be a little more substantial.

Can McGregor act? He certainly is quite the showman and hype-man for his own fights. Like most athlete cameos, McGregor would best be served playing a villain and eventually going toe-to-toe with Diesel. If McGregor were a real star though, we’d be seeing him alongside Rousey in a Furious film. 

That’s right, McGregor. Nudge us when you’re a part of one of the greatest Hollywood series of all time, not some fan-servicey sequel coming over a decade late.