Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football Drinking game for Week 15

Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game for Week 15. 

Welcome to the latest installment of Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game. Week 15 features another bad Florida team in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the can’t-get-to-Los-Angeles-fast-enough St. Louis Rams. Most people will never be comfortable cheering for the Buccaneers, for uh, a few reasons. The Rams hired Jeff Fisher and have been predictably super average ever since.

This game will probably not be great. Mike Evans will just make you hate fantasy football. And outside of Todd Gurley, the Rams don’t have anyone worthy of a fantasy team. Fortunately, our drinking game always satisfies. 

(We’ve also included a bonus section for the Cowboys-Jets game, which will be played on Saturday but is being billed as Thursday Night Football. The NFL now has the power to change the days of the week.)

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Responsibly sip your drink when

NFL Network shows the St. Louis Arch

It refers to the Color Rush uniforms as Ketchup vs. Mustard

Announcers mention this could be the last NFL game in St. Louis

Announcers talk about the rookie of the year battle between Todd Gurley and Jameis Winston

You have to Google the receiver who made a catch

Announcers talk about relocation

Someone talks about the Cover 2

Responsibly take two sips when

You see a fan in a St. Louis Cardinals jersey

Phil Simms calls someone a “good football player”

Someone you are with makes a crab legs joke

Jets vs. Cowboys bonus section, Drink When

Tony Romo looks sad on the sidelines

Tony Romo looks happy on the sidelines

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s college is mentioned

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard is mentioned

Eric Decker’s wife is shown

Quincy Carter is at the game

Finish your drink

You shut the game off before the third quarter