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Iman Shumpert delivered his own baby, wait what?

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert delivered his own baby.

Iman Shumpert delivered his fianceé’s baby, according to an Instagram post by (his fianceé) Teyana Taylor. 

There are many crazy things going on here. First, the post:

Okay, well let me start by saying I half-expected this baby to be born with a fully-grown flattop haircut. Moving on, what does Taylor mean by Shumpert tying his headphones around the umbilical cord. WHY? What does that mean? Aren’t you supposed to cut the umbilical cord?

Also, according the post, the baby never cried. This kicked off an office debate on whether or not babies are supposed to cry when they are first born. We also have barely discussed the fact Iman Shumpert delivered a baby in the bathroom. 

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This is easily the craziest thing a Cleveland Cavalier has ever done, and somehow J.R. Smith wasn’t involved. At least now we know what to look forward to on Empire next season.

- Rohan Nadkarni