Olympian Shawn Johnson: Performance artist or bad YouTuber?

Shawn Johnson filmed arguably the worst YouTube video ever.
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This video is a joke, right?

We have no other explanation for why we are watching Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson stroke her fianceé Andrew East’s hair while complaining about her wedding budget in a completely nonsensical welcome video for Johnson’s YouTube channel. 

Seriously—why does she keep touching this guy? It’s so uncomfortable. What does she mean when she says she doesn’t recommend the mortgage process? What other process is there? Not buying a house? Why is there an undercurrent of extremely off-putting sexual tension?

Everything about this video makes me want to make sure no more of our children are exposed to gymnastics. Johnson will be releasing one video a week leading up to her wedding on April 4, 2016, and we’ll follow along every week at Extra Mustard.

- Rohan Nadkarni