Watch these other great cornerback vs. receiver fights

Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman conjured memories of other great cornerback vs. receiver battles. 
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If you consume sports, you probably noticed the Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman battle Sunday. The Giants receiver and Panthers cornerback went at each other time and time again, and the physical play often went past the whistle, with Beckham facing a possible suspension.

Of course, this had us thinking of some other great battles between cornerbacks and receivers, and we rounded up some of our favorites here.

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Deion Sanders punches Andre Rison

Let’s start with a throwback! Deion Sanders went in on Andre Rison in an October 1994 game. This is a lot of punching for two people wearing helmets. You have to imagine their hands were more sore than anything else.

Deion Sanders DESTROYS Andre Rison

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Cortland Finnegan fights Andre Johnson

Cortland Finnegan must be one of the most annoying players in NFL history. Because Andre Johnson has never shown any emotion except for the time he was swinging at a helmet-less Finnegan during a Texans vs. Titans game. Johnson landed a pretty solid blow before the fight was broken up.

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Terrell Owens spits in DeAngelo Hall’s face

No stranger to controversy, Terrell Owens sank to a new low when he spit in DeAngelo Hall’s face. The beef had to be squashed by Sanders, who initiated a phone call between the two. Unfortunately there’s no solid video of the incident, but watch these CBS analysts pontificate about it!

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Richard Sherman calls Michael Crabtree a “sorry receiver”

This is still the greatest postgame interview ever.

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Steve Smith ethers Aqib Talib

After a back-and-forth, physical battle, Steve Smith got the best of Aqib Talib not only on the field, but also with one of the greatest ice-related insults ever.