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Shawn Johnson’s YouTube series episode two recap: Too many pillows

In the second episode of her YouTube series, Shawn Johnson tells us her engagement story. 

Welcome to Shawn Johnson’s YouTube, a recurring Extra Mustard feature about former Olympian Shawn Johnson’s YouTube series leading up to her wedding on April 16. Last week, saw saw Shawn uncomfortably stroke her husband’s chest. This week, why so many pillows?

Shawn Johnson’s YouTube series continues to be mildly uncomfortable in its second episode if only for its awkward staging. This week, Johnson is presumably sitting on her bed amongst what looks to be no less than at least seven pillows. Right off the bat, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Why so many pillows?! Few things are more frustrating than staying in someone’s guest bedroom when they leave six pillows on the bed—what are you supposed to do with each one? It makes no sense. 

Johnson’s engagement story is not necessarily the most relatable. Her fianceé, Andrew East, proposed to her on the same day Johnson threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field. Johnson’s worries leading up to the moment—Haha, what do they call the sideline of a baseball field? Oh my god, I totally didn’t want to throw out a first pitch after I showed up on ESPN last time—are not exactly what would cross the rest of our minds. 

The video features the same awkward cuts from the first episode, and this time they added some weird sound issues to really drive home the poor production value. The most surprising part here is Johnson’s engagement is basically a celebrity-glorified version of proposing on the videoboard at a sporting event. 

The jersey with East’s last name was a nice touch, though. 

We can’t until next week! Congratulations, Shawn.