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Top 5 Tuesday: Best athlete movie roles from 2015

We list the best athlete movie roles from 2015. 

Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday where, if you couldn’t guess, we list the top five in a category of our choice. Today, we look back at the best movie characters played by athletes in 2015.

347. Russell Wilson, Entourage

Were there even 347 athlete movie roles in 2015? We’re not sure. But Russell Wilson’s wooden acting came off as him trying a little too hard. Maybe he should spend a little less time on the movie set and a little more time practicing not throwing Super Bowl-losing interceptions.


5. The Rock, San Andreas

San Andreas is really a movie about the lengths one man will push himself in order to impress a woman he just met. The woman in this case happens to be the daughter of The Rock. You may think this movie is unrealistic because of all the crazy destruction and what not. I think it’s more crazy that in the event of an earthquake, The Rock didn’t just push the Earth back into the right place. That’s how awesome his character was in San Andreas

4. The Rock, Furious 7

Of course, San Andreas did not hold a candle to the best film of 2015, Furious 7. The Rock’s Hobbs character was absent for much of the film, but he stole the show with his one-liners, and yeah, he totally hit Jason Statham with the Rock Bottom in the movie’s first great fight scene. 


3. Marshawn Lynch, The League

Marshawn Lynch knows the dangers of throwing when you could run it, which he tried to explain to the cast of The League in the football comedy’s season opener. And what happens when you don’t listen to Beast Mode? Things go down in flames.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

You remember little Leo DiCaprio from his time tearing up the hardwood at MTV’s 1992 Rock ‘n’ Jock basketball game, but it turns out the diminutive baller is trying his hand at acting these days. DiCaprio snagged a starring role in The Revenant and it may be big enough to make people think of him more as an actor and less as a washed-up athlete.

1. LeBron James, Trainwreck

​The King stays the King. LeBron delivered a laugh every time he was on screen in Trainwreck, the Amy Schumer-written hit. Steph Curry probably told LeBron he thought the movie was hilarious as LeBron walked off the court after Game 6 of the NBA Finals.