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NBA referee Joey Crawford is retiring. Here are some of the best moments from his 39-year career.

By Kenny Ducey
January 02, 2016

Longtime NBA referee Joey Crawford announced his retirement on Thursday.

Fans of the game will sorely miss him for his memorable on-court antics. Over his 39-year career, Crawford has refereed countless big games, and delivered several notable ejections.

Below are some of the best moments from Crawford’s career. Enjoy.

Blocked Kevin Durant’s free throw in 2014 playoffs

Ejected Tim Duncan for laughing

Yelled at mop guy, nearly ejected him

Tripped and fell during a game

Tripped and fell during a game, again


Made two very animated foul calls


Pushed down by J.J. Redick during game


Ejected Don Nelson less than two minutes into a game

Accidentally shoved Damon Jones out of bounds

Took ball from Nikola Mirotic before free throw


Told Timofey Mozgov to ‘Shut up!’ in NBA Finals game


Yelled at scorer’s table during Knicks-Warriors game

Boxed out Ron Artest, ejected him

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