Steve Dykes/AP

Carmelo Anthony has no shame when it comes to All-Star voting. 

By Extra Mustard
January 04, 2016

Carmelo Anthony used to be better than this.

Carmelo Anthony used to be a lock for the All-Star game because of his sweet shooting, constant scoring barrages and the velocity with which he pokes three fingers against his head after making a three. But now? Now Melo is cribbing a teammate’s great performance for some All-Star votes.

Carmelo tweeted Sunday about Arron Afflalo’s 38-point game against the Hawks, then snuck in his name and a #NBAVote at the bottom. Look at this foolishness:

Bruh. Be better. Would Kristaps Porzingis ever do this? No, because Kristaps doesn’t need Arron Afflalo for All-Star votes. He only needs Kristaps. 

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