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Here are the 10 best celebrations from the 2015 NFL season. Take notes.

By Kenny Ducey
January 05, 2016

The 2015 NFL season was a banner year for dances and celebrations. In the span of a few months, we saw the “whip,” the “dab,” the “nae nae” and “hittin’ dem folks” emerge as go-to moves among players.

Whether it was in the end zone after a touchdown, yards behind the line of scrimmage after a sack, or running along the sideline, nothing stopped athletes from expressing their jubilation.

Here are the 10 best celebrations from the season. Take notes.

10. Giants punter Brad Wing hits imaginary golf shot


9. Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert does Carlton dance

8. Odell Beckham jumps over imaginary hurdles

7. Cam Newton does old-time dances

6. Steelers' William Gay dances his heart out



5. J.J. Watt does every popular dance in five seconds

4. Odell Beckham does Michael Jackson impersonation



3. Cam Newton dances in face of Titans

2. Antonio Brown attempts to ride goal post

1. Cardinals backup QB Drew Stanton goes bananas

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