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It’s been several months since the ‘Dab’ dance first emerged in sports, and it’s still continuing to spread. 

By Kenny Ducey
January 08, 2016

It has been several months since the ‘Dab’ dance first emerged in sports, and it is still continuing to spread. 

Women’s tennis star Victoria Azarenka made headlines this week when she was seen celebrating a victory in the Brisbane International by hitting the ‘dab,’ following in the footsteps of several notable foreign soccer stars and countless athletes in the United States.

If you’re unfamiliar with the dance, we’ve outlined its history in sports here. It’s a simple move that involves bringing your face to your elbow like you’re sneezing, and moving your other arm away.

Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill introduced the move to football, and he was followed by names like Cam Newton, LeBron James, Frank Beamer and Andy Reid. Now the craze has traveled across the pond.

In December, Everton’s Romelu Lukaku brought the ‘dab’ to the Premier League after he scored against Stoke City.

Watch: Odell Beckham mocks Cam Newton’s Dab

One month later, Juventus’ Paul Pogba joined the ‘Dab team’ after a night out with Mario Balotelli:

That inspired more dabbing:

And a ‘dab’-themed haircut:

Azarenka’s ‘dab’ came on Jan. 4:

Hit them with a dab Victoria Azarenka!

Posted by WTA on Monday, January 4, 2016

Finally, Stoke City was dabbed on once again when Liverpool’s Jordon Ibe celebrated his game-winning goal with teammate Nathaniel Clyne.

Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

The next time you turn on a Premier League match, or catch a tennis tournament, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this celebration.

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