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The Sports Illustrated style Q&A is back for another week of solving your most difficult fashion quandries. This time they allow you to stand out in a crowd of boring tuxedoes, making a style statement in sweatpants and getting fancy with some bespoke footwear.

By Shradha Mehta and Anisha Bhasin Mukherjee
January 13, 2016

The Sports Illustrated style Q&A is back for another week of solving your most difficult fashion quandries. This time they allow you to stand out in a crowd of boring tuxedoes, making a style statement in sweatpants and getting fancy with some bespoke footwear. You can look up tips from the previous edition of the guide here, and download the app to stay stylish on-the-go, or head over to the fashion site’s men’s section for a sundry of perfect clothing options.

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Q:I was at a black tie wedding last weekend and all the guys were wearing the same basic black bow tie, including me. How can I stand out next time by adding a spin to my bow tie situation? –Ben

Hi Ben! We see you’ve fallen victim to the penguin suit and no one likes a basic B (applies to guys too). Your determination to make heads turn is definitely a step in the right direction so let’s get down to bow tie business. We’re big fans of unique product and our absolute favorite innovative bow tie is DHA|ONE’s wooden + plaid bow tie for $40. We caught a glimpse of this beauty in GQ and are obsessed. How sick is it?! For a classy yet fun twist, this textured striped one is awesome. If you’re more subtle but want some color, try a silk bow tie in solid silver or solid navy.  Lastly, for the daredevil in you, check out this killer skull patterned bow tie. How’s that to refresh your bow tie game? Oh, and if you’re looking to hit on that non-basic bridesmaid cutie next time–you’ve now got the perfect conversation piece. Slay, Ben, slay.

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Q: I’m on the hunt for stylish loungewear that I can run errands in but don’t look like old pajamas. –Nicholas

Hey Nicholas! If only it was socially acceptable to leave the house in your Chewbacca boxers and Ren & Stimpy t-shirt. Sigh. In the meantime, in case you’ve been living under a rock, athleisure is having a major moment and the sweatpant look is everything right now. If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, we’ve picked out the best of the best. Grab a luxe zip-up hoodie like this that’s also perfect for travel. Add a soft white t-shirt that you’ll want to LIVE in, promise.  These sweatpants look so good that you can wear them to the movies and a casual dinner yet are comfy enough to binge watch Narcos in. And finally some fresh kicks, of course! So whether you’re doing a little gym/tan/laundry action (GTL throwback!) or staying in to Netflix and chill, you have no excuse to not look good. Just ask him, him or him. And feel free to submit your own streetstyle!

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Q: My wife keeps ordering custom made shoes for herself. Do these one-of-a-kind pieces exist for men too?  I’d like to one up her. Please help. Ryan

Hi Ryan! We love a little friendly competition when it comes to fashion! Custom shoes definitely exist for men. Though on the expensive side, these pieces are made to last forever and the focus is on the experience of building your masterpiece. Plus, the design process is often accompanied by a beverage in-hand and a unique showroom experience.  Definitely Snapchat-worthy. We recently came across a super cool retailer that offers custom services for their luxury shoes, Awl & Sundry. Not only is their showroom located in an urban “dudes only” country club in New York City, they know exactly how to keep your shoe game on fleek! Check out our personal favorites: 1) The Naval, for your black tie affairs 2) The Glen, to kick-start your mundane work week 3) The Raja, to YOLO like a boss 4) The Agustin, for keeping it traditional 5) The Miles, to look badass in everything you own. And pretty soon, we’ll be adding The Ryan to this list. Hubby FTW!

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Q: This is more skincare related than fashion but I hope you’ll answer it. What are the best eye creams for MEN to battle under eye circles? –Shawn

Hey, Shawn! Style isn’t just about clothes so of course we’ll help you preserve your sexy. If it’s gotten to the point where you need to add under-eye bags to your Bitmoji for your friends to recognize you, it’s time to do something. We have some great options no matter your budget, so check it out. If you’re not looking to spend a fortune, ROC makes an incredibly effective product at a great value here. For a mid-range option, you can’t go wrong with the infallible Clinique Eye Cream for Men. If money ain’t a thang, invest in this miracle worker from Tom Ford. Jay-Z didn’t write a song about him for nothing. Eight hours of shut-eye are hard to come by these days (until they invent an app for that), so fake it ‘til you make it!

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