We thought of some captions for this photo of Johnny Cueto on a horse. 

By Extra Mustard
January 21, 2016

After the San Francisco Giants posted about Johnny Cueto and his love for horses in both English and Spanish, the pitcher responded on Twitter with an absolute beauty of a photo.

Why was Johnny Cueto on this horse? What was he doing when the photo was taken? No clue! But here are some captions we thought of:

“The British are coming.”

“American Pharaoh was robbed.”

"I hope they have hay in the Giants’ bullpen.”

“No more parties in L.A.”

“Johnny Cueto for Old Spice.”

“I’m the ultimate glue guy.”

“Madison Bumgarner said I could have his ride.”

“I’m just a bachelor...”

- Sarah Barshop, Kenny Ducey, Brendan Maloy, Rohan Nadkarni & Jeremy Woo

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