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Watch: Amateur weatherman Mike Trout calls into The Weather Channel

Mike Trout lives for blizzards.

In late August, we learned that Mike Trout absolutely loves the weather, especially snow. So the Angels centerfielder was absolutely thrilled when the Northeast was hit by a blizzard on Friday night.

On Saturday, The Weather Channel made good on their offer to have Trout serve as a guest correspondent when he joined his good friend Jim Cantore from his hometown of Millville, N.J.

Athletes on the East Coast are embracing the blizzard​

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Trout also helped out by tweeting Cantore a video the night before from his car.

His dedication is nothing short of admirable. He hasn’t slept a lick since the storm started!

Wonder if snowflakes will overtake airplanes as Trout’s favorite emoji.

- Kenny Ducey