One Bronco wanted to straight up disrespect Tom Brady on Sunday

Wait, he wanted to do what to Tom Brady?
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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was absolutely tortured by the Broncos defense in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game loss. He was hit a season-high 23 times, nearly doubling his previous high of 12, and there might have been a little extra emphasis in those takedowns.

One Broncos defender spoke of doing unspeakable things to Brady while chatting with SI’s Robert Klemko.

From The MMQB:

“I tried to lay on him a few times,” said one Broncos rusher after the game. “I tried to rub my nuts on his face.”

The man was already taking a beating, let him live a little bit! Some words, an extra nudge at the end, that’s one thing. Shoving your unmentionables into his facemask is quite another. Luckily for Brady, it didn’t appear that this took place. Still, the thought of it may haunt some Patriots fans.

Besides, Brady already had enough balls to worry about.

- Kenny Ducey