Tim Tebow will appear on Lip Sync Battle this Thursday.

By Extra Mustard
February 01, 2016

Tim Tebow will appear on Lip Sync Battle this Thursday, and a clip released by Spike on Monday has the internet wanting the whole thing right this second.

Tebow rips off his coat in the middle of passionately performing Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” Needless to say, Tebow definitely won this entire show, even if we don’t know the real results yet.

You know what? Let’s take it a step further. Let him host the show. He can just flex his biceps next to LL Cool J. Is there a Hall of Fame for this show? Let’s create one, and elect Tebow the one and only member.

Te-bow. Te-Bow. TE-BOW. TE-BOW!

- Kenny Ducey

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