Super Bowl 50: Five reasons to love or hate the Carolina Panthers

Not sure how you feel about the Carolina Panthers? Here are five reasons to love or hate them.
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Super Bowl 50 is approaching quickly, and you don’t want to be the person at the party who is “just there for the commercials.” So if you’re unsure how you feel about the Carolina Panthers, here are five reasons to love or hate them.

Five reasons to love or hate the Denver Broncos

Love: Cam Newton’s Smile

Are there any other quarterbacks with a smile this photogenic?


Hate: Charlotte Observer Letters

Ugh. Come on.

Love: Thomas Davis’s determination

Davis tore the ACL in his right knee in three consecutive years and now he’s First-Team All-Pro. Oh, and he’s gonna play in the Super Bowl less than two weeks after having a dozen screws put in his arm.

Hate: They May Have Beaten Your Favorite Team

Going 17–1 means the Panthers created their fair share of losers. And even if your favorite team beat them, you’re a Falcons fan who hates Carolina anyway.

Love: Fozzy Whittaker’s Name Is Fozzy Whittaker

​Well actually, it’s Foswhitt Jer’ald Whittaker. Which is even better.

Hate: You Struggle Learning New Dances

Still quite don’t understand the dab? Peyton Manning’s dances are easier to learn.

Love: Mike Tolbert Is A Sphere Of A Running Back

Good luck tackling this guy.


Hate: You Don’t Like Fun

The Panthers are certainly not shy about expressing their enthusiasm on the field—after flipping into the end zone, of course. 

Love: Ted Ginn’s Career Year

Ginn, a former top-10 pick, was mostly a punt returner for the Cardinals last season. This year he had 739 receiving yards (his most since 2008) and 10 touchdowns, one fewer than he had in his entire career up to this point.

Hate: You Took Odell Beckham’s Side

Beckham infamously beefed with Panthers cornerback Josh Norman when the Giants met Carolina during the regular season. Did Beckham’s suspension ruin fantasy football for you? That’s a fair reason to hate a team, we guess.