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Here’s Extra Mustard’s super special drinking game for Super Bowl 50

Make your Super Bowl party a little more interesting with our drinking game. 

Extra Mustard is shaking off the cobwebs and bringing back its extremely popular drinking game for the Super Bowl. For those who joined us on Thursdays during the regular season, you know what the deal is. For those of you playing the game for the first time, here’s how it works: If one of these things happens, drink.

Now, the Panthers and Broncos may play a great one Sunday. But if they don’t? This is the only big game you’ll need.

Responsibly sip your drink when...

  • The cameras flash at kickoff.
  • Peyton Manning throws a wobbly pass.
  • CBS shows an actual fan in the crowd.
  • Phil Simms says the word “elite.”
  • Cam Newton runs for a touchdown.
  • CBS uses the Pylon Cam.
  • CBS shows B-roll of the Golden Gate bridge.
  • Mike Carey is wrong during a replay review.
  • Jim Nantz clearly uses a phrase he wrote two weeks ago at the end of the game.
  • Roger Goodell is booed during the trophy presentation.

Sip your drink twice if...

  • Ted Ginn drops a pass.
  • The cameras cut to Steph Curry watching from the stands.
  • Phil Simms says “talking about.”
  • CBS shows B-roll of Lombard Street.
  • Someone at your Super Bowl party double dips.
  • You think about how much cooler Beyoncé is than Bruno Mars.

Buy a pair of Google Glass if...

  • Peyton Manning dabs.
  • The cameras cut to a fan in the stands wearing Google Glass.

Finish your drink if...

  • Phil Simms or Jim Nantz say “HGH.”
  • Lady Gaga forgets a word during the national anthem.
  • You get bingo on our commercial bingo card.
  • Jay-Z makes a surprise appearance.
  • Someone at your Super Bowl party dabs.

Run a naked lap if...

  • Coldplay has a wardrobe malfunction.

– Ben Eagle, Dan Gartland, Daniel Hersh, Brendan Maloy, Rohan Nadkarni & Jeremy Woo