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Thursday PM Clicks: Kahili Blundell; Another Awkward Panthers Rap

Thursday’s P.M. Hot Clicks feature an horribly awkward Panthers fan’s rap video and Kahili Blundell as Lovely Lady of the Day. 

Please Stop, Panthers Fans


Big Day For Obama

President Obama spent the majority of his Thursday hanging out with athletes. First he struck the Heisman pose with Derrick Henry. Then the Warriors visited the White House to be honored for their 2015 championship

NHL Player or Tilda Swinton?

Have you ever realized how a ridiculous number of NHL players look like British actress Tilda Swinton

Lovely Lady of the Day

KahiliBlundell is a UFC ring girl who occasionally eats very good breakfasts. (Click here for the full-size gallery.)

We Have an App Now

Peyton Manning's Got Jokes

Snoop Has Wisdom(?)

Odds & Ends

We’ve got a Phil Simms soundboard to bone up on your Simms-isms before the Super Bowl. ... Andrew Sharp’s first piece for is on Steph Curry. ... Some guy jumped off a commuter ferry into the Hudson River, thinking he was motivating people. ... Gallery: The Night in Sports (Feb. 4) ... In 1951, a bunch of people got together to eat what they thought was wooly mammoth meat. It wasn’t. ... Randall Cobb thinks the battery for the microphone he was wearing during the Packers’ playoff game against the against Cardinals could have caused his punctured lung. ... Antonio Brown’s polygonal hair made a comeback. ... This beach has no sand. ... Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical executive everyone hates, testified before Congress Thursday and was just as smug as you’d expect. ... The Blue Jays are finally getting dirt around their entire infield. ... There’s a new searchable database of Simpsons quotes and screencaps. ... Channing Tatum could have been in Fast & Furious 3. ...Jimmy Fallon’s superlatives are always a treat

These are Awesome

So is This

New Footwear for the Panthers

This Won't Ever Get Old

An Actual Emergency Drill at a Japanese Zoo

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