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James Corden hosted a live post-Super Bowl show and only let in Denver Broncos fans.

By Extra Mustard
February 08, 2016

James Corden hosted a live edition of his Late Late Show on Sunday night and checked in with some very special correspondents who know very little about the NFL: His parents.

The duo seems to have had a blast despite not knowing much about the game, with his father claiming he has gotten a permanent Broncos tattoo on his forehead.

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His mom and dad also get an impromptu visit from Denver offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus and his son, and present him with the Late Late Show Most Valuable Player Award, which they promise him is better than the Lombardi Trophy, but ends up just being a sticker they place on his butt.

The show also hosted a tailgate during the game with fans of both teams present, letting only fans of the victorious Broncos in to watch the program, and leaving Panthers fans on the outside looking in.

– Brendan Maloy

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