Dwyane Wade got Kobe Bryant a Netflix subscription

Wade gifted Kobe one-year subscription to the online video-streaming service along with a customized robe and other clothes with Kobe’s logo.
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Dwyane Wade has already had a role in Kobe Bryant’s retirement tour, being one of the first to hear the news while he was in the cold tub at his home arena.

What do you get the man that went to those great lengths to personally share earth-shattering news like that? A Netflix subscription.

That’s right. According to the Associated Press, Wade gifted Kobe one–year subscription to the online video–streaming service along with a customized robe and other clothes bearing Kobe’s logo.

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The robe, made by Naked, reads “Black Mamba” on the front of his jacket. He also received some underwear.


So now, in Kobe fashion, he will be able to sit on his couch wearing clothes with his own logo while he watches hours of movies and TV shows.

– Kenny Ducey