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The 23 best ‘Crying Jordan’ memes

If you've lost a high–profile sporting event over the past year, we suggest you look away. 

Michael Jordan turns 53 on Wednesday, predictably sparking retrospectives and photo galleries of the greatest player in NBA history. But the 53rd year of Michael Jordan's life was perhaps most notable for the emergency of MJ the meme: “Crying Jordan.” 

If you’re unfamiliar with the origins of the meme, the photo of Jordan crying comes from his 2009 Hall of Fame induction speech. Sometime during the spring of 2015, Twitter decided it would be funny to use the face as a meme.

As Jordan turns 53, we rounded up the 23 best “Crying Jordan” memes. If you've lost a high–profile sporting event over the past year, we suggest you look away. 

Panthers lose Super Bowl, Stephen Curry is sad

Graham Gano misses a field goal in the Super Bowl

Mets lose in World Series

The Warriors’ streak comes to an end

Tom Brady’s courtroom sketch is hideous

Tom Brady loses to Peyton Manning

Ronda Rousey loses to Holly Holm


Blair Walsh misses a game-winning field goal

Arizona Cardinals lose NFC Championship Game, meme themselves

The Redskins are eliminated from the playoffs

Kanye West is owned by Amber Rose on Twitter


Donald Trump loses the Iowa Caucus

​Everyone loses Powerball

J.R. Smith is not paying attention to David Blatt


Manu Ginobili is suddenly teased about bald spot

The Lions lose on an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary

Magic Johnson watches as the Dodgers struggle

Jason Pierre-Paul cannot tackle Cam Newton because of his hand


Clemson loses to Alabama

James Harden is eliminated from the playoffs


Eli Manning throws an interception

Roberto Luongo memes himself after loss

Flute player cries over Villanova loss