Goat climbs into driver’s seat of car, drinks soda, defecates

A Massachusetts goat lived a brief but memorable few moments in a Home Depot parking lot.
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This goat spotted in the front seat of a car parked in a Home Depot parking lot in Oxford, Mass., is a true legend.

The backstory, via The Boston Globe: On Sunday, Ashley Robertson was bringing a new goat back to her home from a farm when she stopped at Home Depot to buy a gasket for her leaky toilet. The considerate customer she is, Robertson left her new goat in her car as opposed to bringing it into the store.

The goat went viral when a man named John Miller spotted it hanging out in the car, taking a video and posting it to Facebook. But the best part of this story is what the goat did while hanging in the driver’s seat:

The goat turned on Robertson’s hazard lights, drank an old cup of McDonald’s soda, ate food left in the vehicle, and then proceeded to defecate on the driver’s seat, [Robertson] said.

This goat basically did what every four-year-old kid stuck in the backseat of the car while their parent grocery shops dreams of. It deserves to live a long, healthy, soda-filled life.