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Watch: Raccoon survives 30-foot fall at Yankees camp

A groundskeeper had to play the role of animal control at the Yankees’ spring training facility on Sunday morning. 

A raccoon trapped atop the netting behind home plate at the Yankees’ spring training facility somehow managed to survive a death-defying fall on Sunday morning.

A groundskeeper was forced to play the role of animal control and found the raccoon to be quite ornery.

He was was unable to devise a plan to bring the critter down safely, leading to this harrowing plunge.

Billy Beane had a pet raccoon for four days in the 80’s

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At least one reporter on the scene assumed the worst.

But fear not, he was unharmed by the drop and scurried away.

Mets capture baby raccoon in Citi Field weight room

The raccoon is still somewhere within George Steinbrenner Field but its days there are numbered. ESPN’s Wallace Matthews reports that the team is concerned it could be rabid and may bite a fan if left to its own devices. The Yankees are calling in local animal control to corral it on Monday.

- Dan Gartland