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High school team’s early celebration leads to all-time great loss

A high school team prematurely celebrated a win, leading to one of the more incredibly hilarious losses we’ve ever seen. 

This has to be one of the most incredible losses in sports history.

In a Rhode Island high school state championship game, Burrillville thought they had sealed a win after stealing a late inbounds pass, so one of their players threw the ball in the air, thinking time would expire by the time it would land.

He was wrong.

While Burrillville celebrated enthusiastically, Chariho called timeout after catching the aimless lob. With one second put back on the clock, a well-executed inbounds play handed Burrillville one of the most devastating losses we’ve ever seen.

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We’ve all wanted to throw a basketball in the air in celebration, so I don’t blame the Burrillville player for his excitement. But it’s safe to say he probably won’t throw anything in the air for the rest of his life.

h/t Deadspin