Former NFL star Tiki Barber is a nobody in the Warriors’ locker room.

By Extra Mustard
March 01, 2016

Tiki Barber had a great NFL career with the New York Giants but being around the Warriors turns him into a nobody.

The cover story in this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated is Rick Reilly writing about the Warriors’ surreal run and the spectacle that surrounds them. Take, for example, the scene in the home locker room on Feb. 6.

It’s 10 minutes after the Warriors have outlasted the Thunder 116–108 at Oracle, and because the Super Bowl happens across town the next day, the home locker room is slammed like a Hong Kong subway. 

“You! Out!” barks Dan Martinez, Golden State’s senior director of p.r., at a sturdy, shortish man in a purple sweater.

“But I have a pass,” the guy says meekly, holding it up.

“Don’t care!” Martinez says. “It’s too crowded in here. The players can’t even move! Out!”

And with that, the guy is shooed out into the hallway.

Turns out it’s Tiki Barber.

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Even though Reilly called him “shortish,” don’t feel bad for Tiki. He got to meet Curry the next day

- Dan Gartland

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