5 players who made fewer career 3's than Steph Curry did this year

Stephen Curry hit more threes during the 2016 season than Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson and others did in their careers.
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Stephen Curry is so good at making three-pointers that there was a month remaining in the season when he had broken the record for threes in a season. In the final regular season game, he made his 400th triple. He finished the year with 402. 

To further underscore the staggering nature of Curry's accomplishment, we compiled a sampling of players never reached 402 three–pointers...in their careers. There are many players who meet this description, but you'll probably be surprised to see some of the names on our list. 

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Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson, who is very, very good at basketball, has 325 career three-pointers, a number it took Curry just 64 games to eclipse this season.

Isiah Thomas


Thomas hit 398 career shots from downtown, but the Golden State sharpshooter passed the Hall of Fame point guard in the Warriors’ final game.

Rajon Rondo


Rondo could charitably be described as a bad shooter, but he has still played in over 600 games as a point guard in the modern, three-point happy NBA and somehow managed to only put in 190 shots from behind the arc. Also worth noting is that Curry has more attempts this season than the Kings guard has put up in his ten years in the league.

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Pete Maravich


​“Pistol” Pete was heralded for being willing to put up from anywhere on the court, and yet the five-time All-Star managed to put in just 10 three-pointers (after attempting only 15) in his entire Hall of Fame career. If he was going to make them at that rate, why didn't he attempt more?

There's one pretty good explanation we can think of.  

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has more points than anyone in NBA history, but Steph Curry had 402 times his career output from behind-the-arc this season alone.