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Braves rolling out an impressive stunt food lineup for 2016

The Braves unveiled an impressively gross new menu for the 2016 season.

The Braves are not being picked to perform particularly well this season, withSI projecting they will win just 61 games all year.

Still the team needs to find a way to get people into the ballpark, and it is doing that with one of the most impressive lineups of stunt food seen in a major league ballpark in the history of America’s pastime.

First up is the pizza burger, which is not a burger with marinara sauce and mozzarella, but a cheeseburger stuffed into the middle of a personal pizza. 

Once you have finished that amuse bouche you can move on to “The Everything Dog,” AKA, T.E.D., which lives up to its name by being covered in pretty much all edible things, including a barbecue sauce infused with Atlanta’s hometown elixir Coca-Cola.

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All that eating has probably made you hungry, but luckily the stadium is offering fans “The Punisher,” a rib sandwich covered in a sauce made of Monster energy drink so you can stay awake and think about what you have just done to yourself.

Pair the Punisher with a “Tater Tot Chop,” a tasty treat that appears to be a giant tater tot pressed in a waffle iron and covered in Coca-Cola-infused ketchup.

With a full belly you can now turn your attention to the field, where Erick Aybar and Gordon Beckham will be lighting up the scoreboard. On second thought, maybe head back to the concession stand and grab another Tater Tot Chop.

– Brendan Maloy