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Weekend Hot Clicks: Shay Mitchell; Final Four tickets will be punched

This edition of weekend hot clicks features lovely actress Shay Mitchell and a roundup of the NCAA Tournament. 

Tourney Continues

During Virginia's win over Iowa State in the Sweet 16, a Cyclones' cheerleader was in tears after being hammered in the face by a kicked ball. Syracuse's dramatic victory over Gonzaga was highlighted by a walk-on Orange player getting knocked to the floor on a chest bump...and NO ONE helped him out. Also, Carmelo Anthony seems to think there's a conspiracy theory against Syracuse, proclaiming "they don't want us to win". In Philadelphia, a North Carolina trumpet player decided he didn't want to play anymore, the Harbaugh brothers supported brother-in-law Tom Crean and Chris Christie made headlines for his M&M consumption. Lastly, a Photoshop wizard made a hilarious 'Crying Jordan' Sports Illustrated cover and Mike Brey actually injured himself during Notre Dame's win. Here's your viewing guide for Saturday's Elite Eight and these are the best head-to-head matchups for the regional semifinals. Heading to the Final Four if your team wins? Here's how much of a hit your 401k will take.

Oliver Mousseau

We're sending thoughts and prayers to Oliver Mousseau and his family and friends. The 48-year-old college hockey referee died one week after suffering a head injury during a fall on the ice.

Mark Cuban

Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban ripped into NBA officiating on Twitter during a game. Also, did the billionaire find his Mini-Me in a 16-year-old entrepreneur?

Lovely Lady of the Day

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NFL Notes

A contract clause allows the Rams to buy a vacated practice facility for $1 ... Roger Goodell is being honored with a sports health and research award ... The Josh Norman-OBJ feud is not ending anytime soon ... Is Christian Hackenberg placing blame for bad play on Penn State coach James Franklin?

Gregg Popovich

Popovich is in full troll mode for Spurs' game against Thunder and the longtime head coach opened up about Craig Sager in a touching interview.

Mini Golf is The Best

Swimsuit Madness

Doomsday Prepper

This is Amazing

Odds and Ends

MMA fighter has to tell ref that he choked his opponent so ref would stop fight ... Could Wichita State join the Big East? ... This Virginia manager got 20 seconds of fame and had no clue how to handle it ... Kimbo Slice's son obliterated a dude in seconds to win MMA match ... Which college football coaches enter 2016 on the hot seat? ... Brewers' reliever tore a knee ligament in the weirdest way possible ... Dad learns he'll be a grandpa and his reaction is amazing ... Entire watering hole started bellowing 'Mr. Brightside' to honor their fallen friend ... A bird flew onto the podium during a Bernie Sanders' speech...Jim Harbaugh's best tweets of the offseason ... California Chrome is still dominating races. Gallery: The Day in Sports Photos: March 27, March 26 and March 25, all featuring action from the NCAA Tournament and more.

Myles "Steve Urkel" Turner

In honor of Pacers' rookie Myles Turner using Steve Urkel as his alias for hotel rooms, let's relive the magic of the real Urkel:

Butler's 2011 Run

Saturday marks the five-year anniversary of eighth-seeded Butler defeating second-seeded Florida to reach their second straight Final Four.

Baby Burgundy

Check out this baby with a full head of hair that is ready to anchor your evening news.

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