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Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Svetlana Bilyalova; Beast Mode wants your hat

Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Svetlana Bilyalova, and Marshawn Lynch wanting your hat

Marshawn Lynch Wants Your Hat

wanted you hat? It really doesn’t matter, because if whole NFL defenses can’t stop Beast Mode, you probably don’t have much of a shot either.

Prepare for President Saban

Bernie Sanders talked about the all-important superdelegates in the Democratic primary, comparing them to college football recruits.

The Quest for 73

The Warriors are safely atop Jeremy Woo’s SI NBA Power Rankings again, and Rohan Nadkarni makes the case for them to go all out to break the Bulls regular-season high water mark of 72 winsSports Illustrated’s coverage of the team’s epic run can be found on the Golden Season blog.

P.M. Lovely Lady Of The Day


Spring Training Style

Dress for the Day is helping you upgrade your footwear collection with some tips from the stars of Major League Baseball.

Kirk Hinrich Will Never Retire

Non-NFL pro athletes should play for as long as someone will pay them, but Kirk Hinrich is pushing the limit.

Face Swap Fuels Nightmares

This comes after Steph Curry’s terror-inducing swap with his wax figure.

This Sounds Like a Good Holiday

Romania Makes Math Fun

Craig & Pop

Odds & Ends

TNA champion Drew Gallowaytalks about turning around his career after leaving the WWE ... Bill Walton discusses being fired by ESPN in 2009 ... Derek Jeter would rather not be Donald Trump’s vice president ... Has the yoga pants bubble burst? ... Politically active Juggalos ... A pop culture timeline of the Cold War ... A not-awful Batman movie will be coming out soon ... The Bucks new stadium looks very, very awesome ... Brewers’ pitcher Will Smithtears LCL taking off a shoe. ... Gallery: The Day in Sports (March 28).

You Cannot Do This

The Best Response to Clock Killing

A Ronaldo Strike Straight to the Face

Barnes vs. Fisher

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