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Chris Christie explained his viral M&M photo in excruciating detail

New Jersey governor Chris Christie would like to explain why he appeared to be pouring M&Ms from a smaller bag into a larger one at the Sweet 16. 

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New Jersey governor Chris Christie caused quite a stir with his M&M-eating technique at the Sweet 16 and now he’d like to set the record straight. 

Christie, whose daughter is a manager for the Notre Dame men’s basketball team, was in Philadelphia for the Irish’s win over Wisconsin last week.

During the game he enjoyed a snack. 

Christie called in to WFAN’s Boomer & Carton morning sports talk radio show on Wednesday to confirm what at least one person on Twitter had suspected: He was pouring the bag of M&Ms into the box it came in. 

You can listen to the segment here (the relevant portion begins at the :30 mark and picks up again around the 10:30 mark).

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Christie jumped right into it, calling co-host Craig Carton “an idiot.”

“There’s a bag inside the box, you dope,” Christie added. “It’s easier to hold the box than it is to hold the bag.” 

After co-host Boomer Esiason asked a few questions about Donald Trump (with a bit of disdain) and a couple other topics, Christie brought the conversation back to the real issues. 

“The reason I called in this morning was your dopey following of a Twitter story with me and M&Ms,” Christie said.

“Let me just say this, first, I'm fine with peanut or plain,” Christie continued. “At the refreshment stand that I went to at the Wells Fargo Center, they were not offering peanut M&Ms. They were only offering plain.”

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Carton remained flummoxed by the bag-to-box transfer and pressed the governor on why he wouldn’t just eat them out of the bag.

“Because the bag is flimsy,” Christie said. “The box is solid, and when you are an enthusiastic Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan as I am, you don't want a flimsy bag in your hand. You want a solid box in your hand.”

Why waste time with the transfer, Carton then asked. 

“Because I like to linger over my M&Ms,” Christie explained. “I don’t just pour them down my mouth.”

Christie went on to explain that, in a public setting such as a basketball game, he’ll eat his M&Ms with his left hand, because the right hand is used for shaking the hands of the unwashed masses. 

These are the kinds of conversations he can have now that he’s not running for president anymore. 

- Dan Gartland