NFL games will be shown live on Twitter next season. How the heck is that going to work? We have a few ideas. 

By Dan Gartland, Brendan Maloy, and Jeremy Woo
April 05, 2016

When the NFL announced Tuesday morning that Twitter had won the rights to live stream Thursday Night Football games, fans were left wondering how on earth it’s going to work. We think we know. 

  • The game will only be shown in 30-second clips.
  • Adam Schefter will tweet every play before it happens.
  • Some account with “World Star” in its name will steal the stream.
  • “RT for extra point, fave for two-point conversion.”
  • Only people who work in media will watch.
  • Every fumble is followed by ‘LMAOOOOOO WHO DID THIS FAM” and a dozen crying emojis.
  • Every quarterback who throws an interception gets Crying Jordan’d immediately.
  • The game is over when Donald Trump calls one team “SAD LOSERS.”
  • Highlights are automatically set to Kanye West’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.”
  • Challenges are determined by whether Young Metro trusts you.
  • Commercials are replaced by Darren Rovell tweets.
  • Game stops if a new Drake or Beyonce song drops.
  • “It’s Lit” replaces the referee’s ready for play signal. 
  • Quarterback is ruled down as soon as he begins to slide into your DMs.
  • Kurt Rambis favorites all the cheerleader clips.
  • The challenge flag is now the “well actually” flag.
  • Any coach who makes a bad decision immediately claims he was hacked.
  • The Patriots are reading your DMs.

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