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A Florida man flew to Connecticut this weekend and walked into a police station to admit to stealing a television in 1989.

By Extra Mustard
April 12, 2016

Randy Iannacone is the opposite of the guy arrested in North Carolina for failing to return a 14-year-old VHS rental.

This weekend, Iannacone hopped on a plane from Florida, walked into the Norwalk, Conn., police headquarters and turned himself in on a warrant for charges he stole a television in 1989. He was in the wind, but he came back to surrender. 

Police told Norwalk’s newspaper, The Hour, that the TV was swiped from the Norwalk Jewish Center Iannacone worked at and later found in the possession of a man who said Iannacone gave it to him as payment for a debt. 

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When a warrant was issued for Iannacone’s arrest, he was nowhere to be found. But a letter arrived at his Florida home and he decided to head back up north to turn himself in. 

Lt. Paul Resnick told The Hour that Iannacone’s decision to turn himself in 27 years later “is pretty cool.” We agree. 

- Dan Gartland

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