The D-list celebrities at Kobe Bryant’s last game

Taking stock of some the, uh, less popular celebs at Kobe’s final game.
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Kobe Bryant, a middle-aged man, played his final professional basketball game on Wednesday night. 

Many famous people attended Bryant’s game, with American heroes such as Kanye West, Jay Z and Jack Nicholson in attendance.

There were also some other “celebrities” at the game, specifically people that made us think, “Hey what’s [insert name here] doing at Kobe’s last game?” This is a post about those people.

George Lopez


lush goatee last night.

Arsenio Hall


Hall Show

revival, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been canceled.

Jeremy Piven


Two words: Entourage. Movie.

Paula Abdul


ship in time.

Nick Young


Iggy Azalea’s maybe-still fiancée made a bold public appearance in the wake of his cheating scandal.