Watch: This chimp escaped from a zoo and did not want to go back

Chacha, a chimpanzee at the Kyoto Municipal Zoo in Japan, went on a brief vacation Wednesday and did not want to go back home.
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Chacha, a chimpanzee at a zoo in Sendai, Japan, went on a brief vacation Wednesday and did not​ want to go back home.

Chacha ditched his four other chimp buddies at the zoo and led rescue workers on a two-hour chase along some power lines in a residential neighborhood. As you can see from the photo above, Chacha really didn’t want to go back home. 

A rescuer shot Chacha with a tranquilizer dart, and that only made him angrier. After a pretty scary fall, Chacha was returned to the zoo safe and sound.

The whole thing played out on live national television. 


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The Associated Press ominously reported that it was “not immediately clear if he survived,” but it turns out he’s just fine. 

“Despite the fall, he was unhurt and there is no threat to his life,” a zoo staffer told the Agence France-Press. Long live Chacha. 

- Dan Gartland