‘Horsey McHorseface’ is a very straightforward name for a racehorse

It’s a horse. Its name is Horsey McHorseface. Any questions?
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When it came time to name horse trainer Bjorn Baker’s new two-year-old gelding, he went with something pretty direct: Horsey McHorseface.

Everyone remembers Boaty McBoatface, the leading candidate in the race to name a $300 million British research ship, so Baker and his team decided a name in that vein would be good for the horse. 

“Any publicity is good publicity,” racing manager Jake Bruce told CNN. “He's got as good a chance as any to make it and we'd absolutely love to win with him on a big day. It would be a) hilarious and b) great for the owners.”

Look at him. He’s such a horseface.


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The only way the name could be more literal is if they went with “Equus ferus caballus.”

- Dan Gartland