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WWE’s Xavier Woods had a great response for a Twitter troll complaining about wrestling being fake

By Extra Mustard
April 22, 2016

In 2016, few people, if any, still hold on to the belief that professional wrestling involves genuine, unscripted battle.

And yet, some critics of the pursuit continually like to point out to wrestling fans that what they are watching is fake, as if this may be news to them. Twitter user @SparklePan tried this argument on Xavier Woods, who in addition to being a wrestler in WWE’s popular New Day stable, is also a smart dude who is getting his PhD in general psychology.

New Day’s Xavier woods is blending his love of wrestling, video games

Woods’ well-thought out response offers an excellent summation of wrestling’s appeal.

Wrestling fans would be wise to keep this response at the ready for the next time their friends think they are breaking news about the shows being scripted.

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