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The Sacramento Kings will pay for your tattoo of their new logo

The Sacramento Kings will pay for your latest tattoo—as long as it’s their new logo. 

Are you a die-hard basketball fan living in the capital of California? Have you been waiting to get a tattoo but financial struggles are holding you back?

Today is your lucky day!

The Sacramento Kings, who Tuesday revealed a pretty dope new logo, also announced Tuesday they will pay for the cost of tattoos of their new logo for fans stup—I mean excited enough to do it. 

What better way to show your love for the Kings than to permanently tattoo their logo—which is, you know, obviously subject to change every so often— on your body? (There is one way—actually buying tickets to their games.)

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To be fair, this logo is pretty cool. Not cool enough to turn your body into a walking billboard for the Kings, but pretty cool:

If you really do love the new logo, maybe it’s better to start off with a sweater.