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This video of Oliver Perez chewing on a paper cup is oddly compelling

This video of Oliver Perez chewing on a paper cup shouldn’t be this interesting. 

I’ll be honest, I’m really impressed with what Oliver Perez did Tuesday night’s Nationals-Phillies game. No, not the one run he allowed on two hits in just 1/3 inning on Tuesday. Check out what he did in the third inning to this paper cup. 


The Nationals announcers were discussing Perez’s impressive outing in Sunday’s marathon game against the Dodgers, but Perez was busy shredding a paper cup in the bullpen. (The destruction begins around the 45-second mark.)

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Look at the concentration from Perez here. The coach is trying to tell him something but he’s not going to let it distract him from the task at hand. 


How did he do this? Did he get paper pulp stuck in his teeth? Did he get any paper cuts on his tongue? What did he do with the cup after? So many questions.

Baseball players are children. It’s great. 

- Dan Gartland