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Watch: Cam Newton grants wish for young Panthers fan

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton fulfilled a wish for a young Panthers fan. 

11-year-old Noah is a huge Carolina Panthers fan living with KTS, a protein deficiency and frequent blood clots.

For Noah, an ailment such as the common cold could send him to the hospital for a prolonged visit. But there’s one person who can cheer him up in even the toughest moments: Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

In partnership with the Make-A-Wish foundation, Newton met and hung out with Noah and his family, making a personal connection with one of his biggest fans. After a day at the Panthers’ facility, Noah went to a local bowling alley where he was surprised by Newton, who signed autographs and cheered on Noah as he bowled. 

The look on Noah’s face is only matched by Newton’s smile when Noah shows off his dab.

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Newton, the reigning NFL MVP, is now in his sixth year with the Panthers.