In Tuesday's lunchtime Hot Clicks, athletes walk the Met Gala red carpet

By Andy Gray
May 03, 2016

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Athletes at the Met Gala

athletes who like to get dressed up.

Seemed Funny at the Time!

A high school football player in Arizona "exposed himself" during a team photo that was eventually printed in the yearbook and in a football program. Sounds like a kind of funny prank, right? Not so much. The student was booked on 69 counts of indecent exposure, a Class 1 misdemeanor, and one count of furnishing harmful items to minors, a Class 4 felony.  

Kobe Goes to Disneyland

Love how the fans chant MVP as he walks by. What is he MVP of exactly?

Ten Ways to Tell You're a Swimsuit Model

Yes, Nina Agdal has great hair and knows what to do with it. But flipping your hair isn't a skill just anyone can pull off. Here are 10 things SI Swimsuit models do better than you.

Harry Potter Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

Seems like a good way to spend a summer vacation.

This Guy Really Likes Fishing

It's perfectly normal to create a pond underneath your living room.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

Did you know that Dickies, the world’s leading performance workwear brand, has the best pair of performance cargo shorts to keep you cool and comfortable for just under $30? They include four-way stretch fabrics, moisture-wicking technology, built-in sunscreen and style-conscious design. I'd be wearing them right now if it weren't raining and miserable in downtown NYC. I have five pairs of shorts to give away, which I'll send to the 30th, 60th, 100th, 150th and 200th person to email me ( the name of The Doobie Brothers song Pearl Jam covered at MSG on Sunday. The answer was in A.M. Clicks. Please make the subject line "Dickies."


Another Great Prince Tribute

Odds & Ends

Von Miller’s run on Dancing With the Stars is over ... Ten best college football players not taken in the draft ... Spent five minutes debating whether to embed this tweet so you could see the photo or just include in Odds & Ends ... Vintage photos of Joe DiMaggio's first year with the Yankees ... Coleslaw reviews are going viral.

Michael Wilbon, Humblebrag King

Pop Gets Stumped

Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

It just may happen.

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