Wednesday's Lunchtime Hot Clicks ponder the question of what if Michael Jackson never had surgery?

By Andy Gray
May 04, 2016

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Happy Star Wars Day

Click here for full-size gallery.)

Devonta Freeman Does a Good Deed

There are two types of people in the world: Those who see an 82-year-old woman struggling to mow her lawn and stop to help her out and those who keep walking right on by. Devonta Freeman is the former and has a great Instagram photo to show for it.

Most Satisfying Character Deaths on the Sopranos

Not sure how I'll die but hope it's not at the kitchen table like Richie Aprile.

If Michael Jackson Never Had Surgery

—and as the photo above demonstrates, he would've looked pretty normal.

Unique Pizzas From Around the World

The pizza fries look good. Squid Ink pizza ... not so much.

Avril Lavigne Gets Arrested

No, not that Avril Lavigne. The one who changed his name because he's such a fan of the Canadian singer-songwriter.

The More You Know

SI Cover Jinx?

Odds & Ends

Toronto police thought a bunch of cheering Raptors fans were actually gunshots ... 30 famous sports figures who have endorsed Donald Trump ... Online dating is the best ... I applaud Dan Ackroyd's efforts but I just don't think anyone cares about a Blues Brothers animated show ... J. Peterman (Seinfeld version) met the real J. Peterman ... Galleries: The Day in Sports 2016 Archives.

Toronto Reacts To Kyle Lowry's Halfcourt Shot

Ted Cruz Elbows Wife in Face

April News Bloopers

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