Eric Decker clowned by teammate for sharing strangest video ever

Jets wide receiver Eric Decker shared an incredibly strange video on Sunday, and was totally called out for it by one of his teammates.
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During the early evening on Sunday, Jets wideout Eric Decker hopped on Twitter to share one of the strangest children’s videos ever.

Decker, who had tweeted a note to his mother nine hours earlier, shared a video about a pig losing its tail that appears to be very popular (over 18 million views on YouTube). Why? Who knows.

No one really seemed to notice this until fellow Jets wide receiver Quincy Enunwa called him out on it.

“Lol what is this..?” Enunwa asked, echoing the words of many who follow Decker on Twitter.

Is this a subtle hint that Decker wants more help at receiver? Does this have anything to do with free-agent Ryan Fitzpatrick? We have so many questions.

UPDATE (Monday, 9:00 a.m. ET): It looks like Decker’s daughter is behind this.

– Kenny Ducey