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Binghamton Mets have some very odd options for a name change

The Binghamton Mets have offered some odd options for their team name change.

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When you think of Binghamton the first thing that might come to mind is that it is the “Carousel Capital of the World,” or you may know it as the home the Mets’ Double-A affiliate, the Binghamton Mets.

The team is looking to spice things up with a new name and the options it is asking fans to choose from are, like many other minor league teams, very odd.

The option that seems to have the most people talking is the Stud Muffins, which is definitely weird, especially when the team’s website tries to connect it to the town’s aforementioned love of carousels.

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“While tipping a cap to the players on the field, the "Stud Muffins" celebrates the collection of carousel horses belonging to Binghamtonians.”

The weirdness does not stop there though, with other options including “Bullheads” and “Gobblers.” which were inspired by local wildlife, and “Rocking Horses,” “Rumble Ponies” and “Timber Jockeys,” all of which are references to, you guessed it, carousels.