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Magic Johnson’s greatest tweets from the 2016 NBA playoffs, ranked

Magic Johnson’s Twitter never disappoints. Here are his best tweets from the playoffs, ranked. 

In addition to his status as an NBA legend, Magic Johnson boasts the title of ‘Twitter legend.’

For years now, Johnson has captivated his wide audience with impossibly generic and obvious notes. For example, in 2014 the Lakers great tweeted that “the only way San Antonio or Miami don't win the championship is if neither team makes the finals.” This is the gist of his online presence—he tweets so carefully and factually, you’d think he were writing an Associated Press game recap.

The playoffs truly bring out the best in Magic. With so many great series, big names and prominent storylines, there is an abundance of information for him to share. This year, he’s discussed the Warriors at length, but hasn’t forgotten about his Lakers, who have been active this spring.

Here are the best Magic Johnson tweets from the playoffs, ranked. 

1. The Warriors are very good

2. Literally just a list of star players

3. Lakers free agency plan: Sign every All-Star

4. Doesn’t even have a take

5. Bold

6. Switches channel on television

7. No. 2 pick “really good” at basketball

8. Proclaims himself world’s biggest NBA fan

9. Fake account

10. And we love your tweets, Magic.