We learned a few things about A–Rod. 

By Extra Mustard
May 28, 2016

Alex Rodriguez posted a photo of his 8–year–old daughter Ella’s “Parent’s Day” assignment, and her responses to questions about her dad are hilarious and adorable. 

Here are a few things we learned about the New York Yankees slugger after reading his daughter’s answers. 

1. A-Rod likes baseball?

Ella wrote that her dad’s “favorite thing to do” is to play baseball. His favorite sport that he plays? “Well, he only plays one, so baseball!” 

2. Rodriguez has trouble cutting apples

In response to a question about the “craziest thing” her dad ever did, Ella replied, “cut me an apple.” Get outta town! (In his Twitter post, he noted that Ella mistakenly wrote that he’s 43—he’s actually 40—but that by the time he turned 43, he would learn how to cut an apple.)

3. A-Rod still uses a Blackberry

In response to a prompt about what her dad is really good at, Ella replied: “typing fast on his Blackberry.” A–Rod still uses a Blackberry!

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4. Rodriguez doesn't cook 

The questionnaire asked about the best thing Ella’s dad cooks. She nailed the response: “he doesn't cook, and even if he did hmmm...”

5. His wardrobe is...what you’d expect

Ella was asked when her dad looks best. She replied, when “he comes to school in a suit or that Nike shirt.” 

Which Nike shirt? We need to know!

You can see all of Ella’s responses below.

Rodriguez returned to the Yankees lineup on Thursday after missing three weeks with a hamstring injury. 

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