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A Cavaliers fan made good on his bet to eat his shirt if the Warriors won the Western Conference Finals.

By Extra Mustard
May 31, 2016

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The Warriors completed a difficult comeback on Monday night, winning the Western Conference Final after falling behind 3–1 to the Thunder, and being counted out by many despite their many regular season accolades.

One Cavaliers fan was among those doubters and he decided to put his clothing where his mouth was by offering to eat his shirt if Golden State came back. After Game 7 he proved to be a man of his word, taking down several swatches of a homemade “Cavs in 6” shirt with the help of some Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce.

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The Cleveland supporter seems pretty confident his team will prevail in the Finals, so perhaps he would like to wager a few bites of his hat on it?

– Brendan Maloy

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