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Fans of Ireland and Sweden spent some quality time together ahead of the countries’ soccer match Monday.  

By Extra Mustard
June 13, 2016

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Ireland and Sweden went head-to-head in the Euro 2016 on Monday.

Despite the competition on the pitch, the countries’ fans managed to find common ground in their love for the 1976 Europop banger “Dancing Queen,” performed by the Swedish group ABBA.

If you think you don’t know “Dancing Queen,” you almost certainly do. It’s the song you instinctively know the words to even if you try your hardest to avoid it. Yoouuuuu can daaaance, Youuuu can jiiive, having the time of your life...now it’s stuck in your head.

You’re not alone. Look at these fans rejoice together as someone plays the song through a speaker:

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Is “Dancing Queen” the key to world peace? Probably. Who doesn’t love that song?

Ireland kept the party going no matter which song was blaring over the speakers.

Ireland seems like a fun country.

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