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J.R. Smith is still not wearing a shirt

J.R. Smith has yet to find a shirt befitting his new championship status

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Sometime during the champagne-soaked celebration in the Cavaliers locker room on Sunday, J.R. Smith removed his jersey, and from that time on the sharpshooter has not bothered to cover his upper body up for more than a few moments.

Even in a fancy Las Vegas nightclub, Smith defied the universal “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” edict, although no one at the establishment tried to get him to put his shirt back on, because who would dare kill J.R. Smith’s vibe.

When Smith arrived for the Cavaliers parade on Wednesday though, he broke a nation’s heart by covering up his tattooed torso.

Smith could not be held back by fabric for long though and ditched the top before starting down the parade route.

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Smith’s carefree attitude is influencing his teammates as well.

Some fans tired to help Smith by building him a giant new shirt out of paper.

J.R. told the crowd he gave his dad his shirt after Game 7 and hasn’t put it on since.

Hopefully Adam Silver is currently adjusting the arcane NBA rule requiring each player to wear a jersey to better accommodate Smith’s new lifestyle.